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What is it?

Of all  the advanced aesthetic modalities that tap into this skin's ability to heal and regenerate, one stands out in front of the crowd– microneedling. Microneedling is one of the most advanced aesthetic modalities that taps into a model of skin regeneration unlike any other modality– including laser, microdermabrasion and anything else that disturbs or disrupts the skin/


In this procedure we use a device containing miniature surgical needles to gently puncture the skin and stimulate keratinocytes.  Keratinocytes naturally release growth factors, cytokines, and protein molecules that regenerate the skin.

When using proper technique and high quality serums microneedling is one of the best routine beauty treatments available


Microneedling with growth-facter serum: $240

Microneedling with PDO AfterGLO: $450

Microneedling for Hair Regrowth

The second-most requested treatment in the microneedling realm (second only to facial microneedling), is the treatment of hair thinning or androgenetic alopecia. Tiny perforations created within the scalp create a wounding cascade within the dermal papillae environment that causes a natural expression of growth factors and cytokines and other protein molecules that instruct the hair to naturally regenerate itself.

The hair regrowth protocol at Modern Lady Aesthetics including in-office microneedling treatments every 4 weeks.  48 hours post treatment you will begin to use an at home solution on your scalp.



Price: $450/ month

includes in office treatment and at home serum

treatment requires at least 3 months 

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1233 SW SR47, Lake City, FL 32025

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