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Spent too much time in the sun?  Regretting it now because of dark spots?  There is a solution that gives you back beautiful clear skin.  

Photofacial Prices:

1 area (full face OR Chest) $150 (per session) 

2 areas (full face & chest): $275 (per session)

Photofacial for arms/hands: $275 (per session)

Photofacials/ The Age Spot eraser


Curious about what this treatment can do?  Check out some examples of treatment outcomes...

IPL, photofacial, age spot removal
photofacial, hyperpigmentation removal, age spot removal

Things to know...

1. This treatment is best utilized when you have not been tanning heavily.

2.  You will need to attend 3 sessions spaced apart by 3 weeks.

3. During the treatment time, sunscreen is more important than ever.  We cannot perform the procedure on any sunburn.

4. Following your session, age spots will darken, then flake off in about 1 week.

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