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Botox, Tox, Xeomin


"Tox weakens the muscle under the skin to treat and prevent wrinkles.  It can also be used to treat some muscle pain disorders.  Our practice has chosen to use Xeomin, which is a brand of FDA approved neurotoxin.  This brand goes through an extra purification process that prevents the development of medication resistance.  In short, it keeps working over time!    

PRICE: $11 per unit

Ask Jana...

1. Does it hurt?

The needle used is very tiny.  You will feel a small pinch/stick.  Everyone is different, but most people do not consider it painful.  Numbing cream is available if you need it.

2. Will I see the results immediately?

Xeomin takes 3-10 days, depending on the person to take effect.

3. How long will it last?

About 3 months.  If you have been doing treatments for a number of years you may find you need them less often.

4. What happens if I do treatments for awhile, then decide to stop doing it?

The medication wears off.  You will regain movement and could develop wrinkles.  There is no period of "catch-up" or negative effects from not continuing treatment.


5. How many units will I need?

This is by far the most common question I get asked.  The answer is less straight forward than I'd like.  Everyone is slightly different, and your treatment is designed for you based on the shape, size and strength of your muscles.  Remember, consultations are always free at Modern Lady Aesthetics.  In that appointment, you will know exactly how many units you will need.  BUT, check out the illustration below... These are the most common areas treated and the most common number of units used for that area.

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What is Discover Xeomin?
 This program gives any new client at Modern Lady Aesthetics a special price on his/her first treatment with Xeomin.  You will receive your first 20 units for $150!  What a perfect way to try out the tox treatment you have been thinking about.  

*xperience+ membership is required, but don't fret!  It's free and we will help you get signed up!

Beauty + Benefits

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