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Laser Hair Removal, IPL

Hair Removal

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What types of hair respond best?
Hair removal with IPL works best on dark hair growth.  Each treatment will reduce the number of hairs grown in the area. 

There is very little downtime and you can return to work the same day


Hair removal procedures use a light therapy device to heat and damage the hair follicle.  This procedure can "kill" hair follicles when they are in growth phase (not rest phase), so you will expect to require 6-8 sessions spaced apart about 5 weeks. 

You can shave hair during this time, but it is best not to wax or pluck the hair.


Small area (face, bikini line, armpits) $175.00 per session

Large Area (half arms, half legs) $250 per session

Jumbo Area (full legs, back) $500 per session

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